Hermes Pink Baobab Cat Silk Scarf Face Mask

Authentic Hermes Baobab Cat Silk Scarf reinvented into a face mask.

Original silk screen design c2018 by the Ardmore Artist features a beautiful greyscale illustration of a leopard peaking through a pink spotted baobab flower surrounded by black and white polka dot feathers over a pink background. The baobab flower is only found in the KwaZulu-Natal Provence of South Africa and represents power and grace as it only blooms at dusk. The Ardmore Artist collective was founded in 1985 to promote the beautifully unique heritage of the Zulu nation. Mask features outer corner of scarf with bright pink background and greyscale spotted feathers.

This is an original, reconstructed, handmade item cut from an authentic Hermes silk scarf and produced by our in-house specialty brand "Vintage Reinvented" in Philadelphia PA, USA. No stains, smells or fabric pulls. Each mask features an outer layer of Hermes silk twill with 100% cotton lining and filter pocket in between. Elastic ear straps for easy and comfortable wear. PM2.5 activated carbon filter included.

10% of every purchase goes to CDP Response fund

Measurements: 6" tall x 10" wide.

Hand wash, line dry, steam press to sanitize.

Not Affiliated with Hermès Paris

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