Chanel Gold Enamel Pearl Teardrop Earrings


Chanel Gold Enamel Pearl Teardrop Earrings In excellent condition. Three separate parts make up these gorgeous dangling design. Top part features gold round with CC Chanel logo embossed on front and clip on back. This is linked to the center portion which features 2 gold and navy enamel flowers cupped around a centered round pearl. Bottom features a teardrop pearl. Excellent condition. No stains or major wear. Pearls are clean and smooth. Clip on backings are strong. Each earring has signature Chanel engraved name plate on back under clip with 29 dat code. Total measurements- 3.5” long x .875” wide. Top gold round- .875”. Middle flower pearl- .875”x.75”. Bottom teardrop- .75”x.375”

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