Authentic Vintage Hermes Nuees Imaginaires Silk Scarf Face Covering

Authentic Vintage Hermes Nuees Imaginaires Silk Scarf reinvented into a face mask.

Original "Nuees Imaginaires" silk screen print c.2011 by Christine Henry features "Fragile vessels of the imagination, clouds trace our dreams. The world of this carré originates in a shifting and lighthearted nebulousness. Flowers and leaves multiply, traced by a sure hand and guided by a childlike spirit. Sheltered by them in their meanderings, or proudly astride their woolly profiles, all sorts of incredible animals find refuge there. Four-footed birds, flying fish, winged goats, equine mermaids... From their breath surge fleecy little clouds who drink in their words, wide-eyed. These learn their future tasks from their mouths: to protect the earth from the sun, to create the rain which will irrigate the soil... or just to let themselves go, nudged by the wind." (Quoted from Hermes Carre Stories). Mask features top right corner of scarf with multicolor flying mermaid pegasus, dolphins, cats, birds, flowers, moons and stars over a camouflage multi-tonal yellow background.

This is an original, reconstructed, handmade item cut from an authentic Hermes silk scarf and professionally produced by our in-house specialty brand "Vintage Reinvented" in Philadelphia PA, USA. No stains, smells or fabric pulls. Each mask features an outer layer of Hermes silk twill with 100% cotton lining and filter pocket in between. Elastic at ears for easy and comfortable wear. PM2.5 activated carbon filter included.

10% of every purchase goes to CDP Response fund

Measurements: 8"x10".

Hand wash, line dry, steam press to sanitize.

Not Affiliated with Hermès Paris

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