Hermes Cosmographia Silk Scarf Headband

Authentic Hermes Silk "Cosmographia" scarf reinvented into a ruched headband.

Original silk screen design c2019 by Jan Batik features a beautiful mythological cosmos theme print in blues, orange, cream, yellow and black line work honoring the fascinating work of Sebastian Münster. From Hermes: "cartographer, historian, astronomer, mathematician and scholar of Hebrew. His work, Cosmographia Universalis, was first published in Germany in 1544 and became one of the most widely-read books of the 16th century. When Jan Bajtlik discovered an original edition of the book in a library in Poland, he was fascinated by its vision of a world made up of myths and legends. His scarf depicts an imaginary landscape that combines architecture with fauna and flora. Taking the seahorses, sea monsters and pyramids of the Cosmographia as his models, he creates a dreamlike world teeming with extraordinary beasts." This particular headband features the clouds and "Cosmographia" title print from the scarf design.

This is an original, reconstructed, handmade item. Each piece varies slightly in appearance but obtains similar colors and high-end quality as they are all cut from Hermes silk scarves and made by the same designer in our Philadelphia PA, USA studio. This is a new, never worn headband made from a 100% authentic hermes silk scarf. Fabulous on all hair styles and colors. headband measures 1.125 inches wide at widest part and 14.5" long end to end. No stains, smells or fabric pulls. Makes a wonderful gift for Hermes and fashion lovers.

Wholesale ordering available, please contact us for details.

Not Affiliated with Hermès Paris

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