Hermes Vintage Dies et Hore Astrologie Silk Scarf Scorpio Face Mask

Hermes Vintage Dies et Hore Astrologie Silk Scarf reinvented into a face mask.

Original silk screen design c1963 by Francoise Faconnet features an astrology chart print in black and white with golds and yellow. all the months, suns, moons, and astrological signs surrounding a centered golden sun and dark gold outer border. This mask features the scorpio section of the astrology chart with a gold scorpio over the black white and yellow striped chart background. Scorpion represents the scorpio or the eighth star sign that spans 210°–240° degrees of the zodiac and falls between october 22-november 23rd.

This is an original, reconstructed, handmade item cut from an authentic Hermes silk scarf and produced by our in-house specialty brand "Vintage Reinvented" in Philadelphia PA, USA. No stains, smells or fabric pulls. Each mask features an outer layer of Hermes silk twill with a dense off white cotton lining and filter pocket in between. Elastic at ears for easy and comfortable wear.

10% of every purchase goes to CDP Response fund
Measurements: 6"x10".

Hand wash, line dry, steam press to sanitize.

Not Affiliated with Hermès Paris

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